Screenshot of the price options in LiquidText for the syncing feature

LiquidText 5.0: Syncing & Backup

We can finally sync our documents in LiquidText! Our developers have called it LiquidText Live and it is a subscription. The update has been rolled out to LiquidText only and is expected for LiquidText Enterprise in the coming weeks. The pricing is a bit complicated, so we’ve created a table.

iPadOS 15 (Public Beta)

iPadOS 15 (Public Beta): Installation & First Impression

App Library groups your apps into categories, only Apple knows why. It’s supposed to let you see all your apps at once, but, it doesn’t actually do that. Does it? Each category displays a maximum of 7 apps in this Library. You still have to tap these categories to see all the apps in them. How is that showing all your apps?