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No iPadOS 14 update for GoodNotes

Here's what you need to know about GoodNotes in iPadOS 14.

Agenda 11.0

Agenda has added new premium features and iPadOS 14 support for scribble and widgets. ...

OneNote for taking notes on the iPad

OneNote is worth trying out before buying an app for taking notes on your iPad.

Documents by Readdle adds in-built VPN

Since Readdle decided to make PDF Expert 7 a subscription, this is the company's first ...

Lake: Colouring Books

Even when relaxing, go paperless. Lake: Colouring Books is an excellent colouring app for ...
Being Paperless

How the Apple Pencil changed the way we take notes

Digital note-taking is more than just typing notes on your laptop. Thanks to the iPad and ...

Notability 10.0: what’s new?

Notability’s biggest update this year: the tenth version of their app.

What’s coming in Nebo 2.7?

There’s a simple logical reason why we don’t beta testing of apps: the temptation to ...

GoodNotes 5.5.0

This year’s back-to-school update from GoodNotes comes at a time when this feature has ...
Being Paperless

Why Backup Is As Important As Syncing Your Digital Notes

Digital notes are like physical ones; they can be lost or destroyed. That is why you must ...

Getting Started with Notion

After we got over our paranoia, we are finally embracing Notion! Proceed with ...

Kyoku Flashcards Version 1.14.0

Kyoku Flashcards is the first flashcard app to give us a paper-like flashcard experience ...
Note-taking apps

Notability vs Apple Notes in iPadOS 14

Before iPadOS this comparison was pointless. We all never bothered with the Apple Notes ...

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a free note-taking app that comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. It ...

Vertical Scrolling for Noteshelf

Noteshelf Version 8.0 just added vertical scrolling to the app! We have been waiting a ...

What’s new for the Files App in iPadOS 14?

A minimalist look The Files App has very few changes in iPadOS 14. Apple has worked ...

What’s new for Apple Reminders in iPadOS 14?

Organise your smart lists In Apple Reminders, you can now customise your smart lists ...

What’s exciting about iPadOS 14?

The public beta for iPadOS 14 is out. Proceed to install it at your own risk. Remember ...


Noteshelf is a great note-taking and planning app for your iPad/iPhone and Mac. This ...

Kyoku Flashcards

The best way to go digital is to be able to do what we do on paper but do it better. That ...
Digital Stationery

Indexed notebooks: A digital filing system

If you want hyperlinks in your notes, why not get a hyperlinked indexed notebook instead. ...
Top lists

GoodNotes 2020 Wish List

Here is our Paperless X community’s wish list for 2020. Improved shapes tool Most ...

Notability 9.4: What’s new?

What’s new in Notability 9.4?

Nebo 2.6: What’s new?

Nebo 2.6 is an exciting update. Check out what MyScript developers came up with in this ...
PDF readers


LiquidText is a PDF reader for the iPad. They just released a Windows version of their ...

Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple, minimalist note-taking and planning app by Google. It is ...

Nebo Wish list for 2020

Here is the Paperless X community wish list for Nebo. Feel free to add your wishes to ...


Pricing and supported OS Notability is a note-taking app that is available for your ...
How to

How to improve audio playback in Notability

Get the best audio playback for your recordings in Notability.

5 things you might dislike about MarginNote

We have done a tonne of videos on MarginNote.They mostly focused on how to use the ...
How to

How To Add Custom Fonts to Your iPad

How to add custom fonts to your iPad: 6 easy steps

Beginner’s guide: Which iPad should you buy in 2020

With so many iPads to choose from, it's really important to know which iPad will best ...


GoodNotes is a note-taking app that is available for your iPad, iPhone and Mac. It ...
How to

GoodNotes: Six ways to open multiple instances in iPadOS

Pick an open tab and drag it to the where you want your second instance. Use the split ...


Agenda is a date-based note-taking application. It incorporates notes and planning in ...

6 reasons not to get the iPad pro in 2020

I have been using the iPad pro since 2015. I believe the iPad pro was Apple's greatest ...
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