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Nebo 2.8: Support For Passive Styluses

Support For Passive Styluses For a very long time, Nebo has only supported specific ...

How to get more page templates for GoodNotes

GoodNotes has a Dropbox folder with free page templates.Create your own templates (for ...
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How to draw filled shapes without a border

Draw your shape with Fill Color turned on. 2. Tap Undo to remove the border. ...

Flexcil vs Flexcil 2: What has changed?

Flexcil has a new version, they are calling it Flexcil 2. The logo’s changed. Which one ...
To-do list

Things 3 for the iPad

Things 3 is a to-do list app that is available for your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch ...
Being Paperless

An Honest Conversation About Monthly Subscriptions

More apps are opting for subscriptions instead of one-time purchases. We understand why ...
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6 Super Useful Features in Microsoft Word

Macros Macros are a method of automating tasks you repeatedly perform in Microsoft ...
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How to import files into GoodNotes

From the homepage Tap the big Plus icon in the Documents tabGo to ImportBrowse ...
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How to collaborate on documents in GoodNotes

From the homepage Tap down-facing arrow beneath the document you want to share.Go ...
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How to make lecture slides for free on your iPad

Most of us prefer taking notes on lecture slides, with extra space to write notes on the ...
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How to add custom paper templates in GoodNotes

Step-by-step instructions to add custom paper templates to GoodNotes.

GoodNotes update: more customisation for the pen tool

You can now customise the following for your pen tool in GoodNotes:  Tip of your ...
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GoodNotes vs Notability vs Noteshelf

Is Noteshelf underrated? There is a lot of buzz around GoodNotes and Notability but ...
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GoodNotes vs Notability vs Apple Notes

These three apps are worth comparing for several reasons. GoodNotes is the best selling ...
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GoodNotes vs Apple Notes in iPadOS14

GoodNotes is a paid app, costing $7.99 for all the versions of the app. It is now a ...

Halloween bundle and Scribble support in Notability

The Notability Shop has added a Halloween bundle, a week after they added their first ...

Apple Calendar for planning your meetings on the iPad

Apple Calendar is a planning, free app from Apple for tracking your events, ...

Experimental Features in GoodNotes Explained

We've been talking to our developers at GoodNotes about their recent update; GoodNotes ...

GoodNotes adds flashcards to the app

Flashcards are a great study tool. You can now create them in GoodNotes. Here’s what you ...
Get Things Done

Notability Adds The First Planner To Their Shop

Notability just rolled out their first in-app digital planner to their shop. Something ...

LiquidText 4.0.6

What has changed in LiquidText 4.0.6?

GoodNotes 5.6.0: What’s new?

Another awesome update from GoodNotes.

No iPadOS 14 update for GoodNotes

Here's what you need to know about GoodNotes in iPadOS 14.

Agenda 11.0

Agenda has added new premium features and iPadOS 14 support for scribble and widgets. ...

OneNote for taking notes on the iPad

OneNote is worth trying out before buying an app for taking notes on your iPad.

Documents by Readdle adds in-built VPN

Since Readdle decided to make PDF Expert 7 a subscription, this is the company's first ...
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Lake: Colouring Books

Even when relaxing, go paperless. Lake: Colouring Books is an excellent colouring app for ...
Being Paperless

How the Apple Pencil changed the way we take notes

Digital note-taking is more than just typing notes on your laptop. Thanks to the iPad and ...

Notability 10.0: what’s new?

Notability’s biggest update this year: the tenth version of their app.

What’s coming in Nebo 2.7?

There’s a simple logical reason why we don’t beta testing of apps: the temptation to ...

GoodNotes 5.5.0

This year’s back-to-school update from GoodNotes comes at a time when this feature has ...
Being Paperless

Why Backup Is As Important As Syncing Your Digital Notes

Digital notes are like physical ones; they can be lost or destroyed. That is why you must ...

Getting Started with Notion

After we got over our paranoia, we are finally embracing Notion! Proceed with ...

Kyoku Flashcards Version 1.14.0

Kyoku Flashcards is the first flashcard app to give us a paper-like flashcard experience ...
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Notability vs Apple Notes in iPadOS 14

Before iPadOS this comparison was pointless. We all never bothered with the Apple Notes ...

Apple Notes

  Apple Notes is a free note-taking app that comes pre-installed on all Apple ...
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