Updates: Noteful 1.2.8 & Nebo 3.5

Noteful 1.2.8

Noteful’s update is quite small, but very exciting nonetheless. We now have a zoom tool in the app! It has quite a remarkable zooming range, which is not surprising considering how Noteful zooms in on pages. For those of us who have been waiting for a zoom tool in Noteful, it’s finally here!

Noteful’s dedication to minimalism is incredible. It has auto-advance without a setting to turn it off. You can technically turn it off by decreasing the auto-advance section until it’s barely noticeable. What are the chances you’ll be writing on the very edge of the screen?

You can use navigation arrows to move the zoom window manually or just position it where you want it.  A page margin can be added to set the starting point for auto-advance. You can also add writing tools to the zoom window toolbar. Lastly, your tools can now be placed on the left or right side of the screen.

The zoom feature has been shown to improve handwriting for some users. We believe, for Noteful, it will significantly improve the app’s palm rejection (an issue that the Palm Rejection setting hasn’t been able to resolve to our satisfaction). We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Nebo 3.5

Dark mode

Nebo 3.5, unlike the Noteful update, has been around for a while and includes a number of welcome improvements. For us, the most exciting feature is the true dark mode. Not many note-taking apps have it, so we’re always happy to see it. When you switch to dark mode, the colours and page backgrounds in your notes adjust accordingly. However, it will not alter your PDFs, which is perfectly acceptable. Even if you could, you probably wouldn’t want to convert your PDFs. Would you?


We have never had any page customisation options in Nebo before. Version 3.5 takes the first step in that direction, with eight page backgrounds. It’s not a major update, but it gives us hope that perhaps more page customisation options are on the way.

New names

Nebo 3.5 also changed the names of the app’s pages. Regular Nebo pages (that convert your handwriting) are now called “Documents“. Notes are the new name for the infinite freeform pages. Publishing is now called Create link. Where you generate links to share your files with others online. The UI for this function has been optimised and made easier to use. It’s now simpler and more intuitive to restrict access to your notes.

The knowledge base bar keeps showing up below our toolbars, which is distracting. Having the option to dismiss or close it would be greatly appreciated. If they want this to be easily accessible in the workspace, they can move it to the three-dot icon, after our preferences or under our settings (on the homepage).

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