Rebranding and projects for 2020

We started this brand targeting students. However, at the end of 2019, our community has evolved beyond that. We thought it necessary to rebrand by replacing ‘student’ in Paperless Student with an X

Paperless X incorporate all the Paperless Humans on this planet! Paperless Doctors, Paperless Lawyers, Paperless Engineers, Paperless Teachers… etc 

Paperless X is a brand focused on finding paperless solutions for everyone.
Rebranding and projects for 2020

In 2020 we will be launching a series called Being Paperless. We have already done the branding for that project. Shoutout to Jonathan Machado. We worked very closely with him and his team on branding this project. At Paperless X, we believe that there are an infinite possible ways of Being Paperless. This project will aim to celebrate that, in various ways. 

Being Paperless is a project we are planning to Launch in 2020, here at Paperless X. This logo was designed by Jonathan Machado.
Jonathan Machado helped us create the branding logos for this project that we will be launching soon

I also want to thank all our Patrons. All those who have donated on our Patreon page! Thank you!

Thank you especially for sticking by me, even though I didn’t have the most exciting Patreon content. But that’s going to change in 2020.

I will be doing vlogs on Patreons in 2020. I will be showing behind the scenes of the work and projects we’ll be doing at Paperless X. I will also be doing some personal vlogs, hopefully, you will get to know (and hopefully love) the human behind the voice. Please note, my Patreon vlogs will NOT affect the content on the Paperless X channel and they are optional. 

Since this channel is now called Paperless X, my study channel will now called Paperless Student. I will be reminding you about this for some time; to try minimise any confusion during this transition time. 


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