No iPadOS 14 update for GoodNotes

GoodNotes has announced on their website that they will not be releasing a massive update for iPadOS 14.

Support For Scribble

GoodNotes supports Scribble for all text fields. Scribble uses the Apple PencilKit, not GoodNotes’ ink engine. Scribble currently supports English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese only. For now, you can use Scribble for:

  • Notebook and folder titles
  • Search tool (global and in-document search)
  • Outline titles
  • Typing text in text boxes

The Text tool is not yet optimised for Scribble in GoodNotes. It only works when you directly write inside the text box. It helps when you enlarge it to give you more space to write your notes.

Missing Custom Fonts

Custom fonts from third-party profiles are missing in iPadOS 14. Your existing notes using those fonts are not affected though. The developers are still to add support for custom fonts in iPadOS 14. This has also affected Notability.

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