Experimental features In GoodNotes explained

We’ve been talking to our developers at GoodNotes about their recent update, GoodNotes 5.6.2. They added flashcards to the app but mentioned in their release notes that it was an experimental feature. It raised more questions than answers.

Here was their explanation and we quote:

From time to time we‘re making changes to GoodNotes, for which we first want to check how they are being adopted before deciding how to proceed with them. We mark them as experimental so that users are aware that they still may change drastically or even be removed again in case our assumptions aren’t met.

GoodNotes developers

So let’s give our developers the feedback they need to make this feature permanent. Share your experiences. Do you like the feature? If you do, what do you like about it? What would you like to see added and how can they improve it? Perhaps you dislike it let them know why.

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