Noteshelf 2 iPadOS 13 Support

Unlike Notability and GoodNotes 5, which both have one dark mode theme, Noteshelf 2 has multiple options. It is a small special something to make you like the app a tad more.

I have never paid attention to the page colours in Noteshelf 2. In iPadOS 13 it makes sense that we do. It has a lot of dark colours that I think will look good in dark mode. I’d say only yellow and light blue are too bright for dark mode. If you like colourful pages for your notes, you will love this!

Noteshelf 2 now supports split view. You can now open the same note in multiple windows! You can also see all the app’s active windows in App Exposé. Very useful multitasking feature!

The app supports three-finger gestures. Swipe to the left to undo and to the right to redo. iPadOS has revolutionised the way we interact with our iPads. It was about time Apple did something about the iPad software!

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