Notability 10.2.4

Let’s see what is new in Notability 10.2.4.

New Toolbar Icons

The old icons in Notability before Notability 10.2.4The new icons in Notability 10.2.4

The new icons look smaller, more compact and bold. Which look do you prefer? They’ve also replaced the lasso tool feature and we love the new one. It looks cute. The new icons look more modern and they are certainly a welcome update.

Improved scrolling when the keyboard is visible

While we generally don’t recommend you to do a lot of typing in Notability, especially outside of text boxes, scrolling in Notability when using the text tool has been a bit difficult. It was nothing major to complain about, but this update just made that smoother, and we love it.

Other improvements

  • Support for PDF links
  • Smaller minimum image size: we are not sure if this is for all the images in the app or future images, you will be adding to your notes in the future. Either way, Notability’s dedication to creating small files is admirable.

Check out the previous update

2 thoughts on “Notability 10.2.4”

  1. I can’t use scissors. When i tap and try to use it only allows to me copy. Can anyone help with that ? I am new in notability. It is really frustrating not be able to use scissors. Thanks

    1. Tapping on it should be enough to get you to use the feature. If that is not working, then you probably have a bug which an update can fix. You could try to restart your iPad and see if it doesn’t help.

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