Documents By Readdle Adds In-built VPN

Since Readdle decided to make PDF Expert 7 a subscription, this is the company’s first decent update. They have added a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to the web browser in their document-managing app Documents by Readdle.

VPN for web browsers are useful, which is why we are embracing this update. It is worth subscribing for, even at $12.49/month or $89.99/year. Of course, there are cheaper VPN options on the market. However, Documents Plus triples as a document-managing and PDF-editing app too.

With this update, if you subscribe, you will now be able to do the following when browsing in Documents Plus:

  • Change your virtual location to access web content with location restrictions
  • Safely browse the internet when using public Wi-Fi networks. The VPN encrypts your data and protects you from hackers that might want to steal some important data (credit card details and passwords).

For their free version of Documents, they are giving you only 50MB of VPN protection per day. It lets you try out the feature to see if it is something you need.

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