Don’t Waste Your Money On PDF Expert 7 Pro

I signed up for the PDF Expert 7 pro 7-day trial to see what you will be missing out if you don’t subscribe (upgrading from PDF Expert 6 pro). PDF Expert 7 is a subscription; U$50/ year or about U$12/month.

Here’s what you’re getting if you update from PDF Expert 6 pro:

Convert Any File (Word, Spreadsheets, Slides, Webpages And Images) To PDF

All note-taking applications already do this without a fuss. It is hardly impressive. To avoid paying a subscription for this, convert your documents in an app that offers this feature for free. Then bring your notes into PDF expert 7, if you must, already converted.

File Compression 

You can zip your files in the app. In iPadOS 13, the files app does that for free!  

Add Your Favourite Tools To The Toolbar

Where you can easily access them. It saves you that extra step of going to Annotations when you want to highlight.  Or to Edit when you want to redact some information. However, any developer asking you to pay for such a basic function definitely doesn’t care about you. 

A favourite tool feature is a must have for every app. We forgive those developers that haven’t figured out how to add it for us yet. We hate those that make us pay subscriptions for such a basic feature. 

Don’t pay for the PDF expert 7 pro features if you already have PDF Expert 6. It’s not worth it. Not all apps can pull off a subscription set up! 

I signed up for the PDF Expert 7 pro 7-day trial to see what you will be missing out if you don’t subscribe (if you previously had the PDF Expert 6 pro). PDF Expert 7 now has two subscription setups; U$50/ year or about U$12/month. Paperless X


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  1. FWIW, if you already paid for the full and pro features in PDF Expert 6, you keep all those features in PDF Expert 7, without the subscription. This makes it even less tempting to subscribe, though, as it leaves even fewer things that you only get via subscription. But all the redacting features and such that were a one-time IAP in version 6 are kept without further payment in version 7. Just something to be aware of. I have to admit to being furious at all the app for trying to move to subscription options. It’s just not realistic for people to have that many ongoing monthly payments. I get why it’s attractive as a developer – but again, not realistic. People will move on to something that doesn’t require subscriptions.

    1. Yes, people will definitely look for alternatives. I think paying for big updates is better option than subscription. If you have PDF Expert pro 6 you will pay $12/month for 3 functions! That is absolutely ridiculous!

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