Notability 10.5: What’s new?

Multiple Instances

Finally, Notability now supports multiple instances! You can now open the app twice, and each window can still split view with the Note Switcher. This update comes a month after we got the ability to open the same notebook twice. It gives us one more item to scratch off our wish list for Notability.

Handwriting conversion with colour

We have loved this feature in Noteshelf for years! Now we have it in Notability too. It is just convenient when handwriting conversion keeps your ink colour. If you wrote something in red ink, chances are you want your text in the same colour.

Speak highlights words

Speak now highlights words as the app reads them out to you. It is now easier to follow where the iPad is reading, which is especially helpful for non-native speakers. We hope live text in iPadOS 15 can make this work on handwritten notes too, that would be fun.

Notability 10.5 is not a big update, but the multiple instances are something to be happy about. Which of these features do you like the most?

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