Notability Wish List

iPad pro with Notability and Agenda split viewed. With a cup of Latte

Better organisation 

We would like Notability to adopt a folders within folders organisation system. We need more control over how we organise our notes in the app.

Page rotation

Physically turning our iPads to write notes in landscape feels a bit primitive in 2020. Page rotation is a must have for a note-taking app. Or at least provide us with landscape paper templates. 

Save favourites pens ✅

Fixed sizes and colours are not enough, apparently. Adding a favourites’ tab will make the app bulky, though. Notability’s a minimalist app with very simple inking tools. But most people voted for this feature. We strongly feel one extra step is not going to ruin our user experience. 

Better page customisation

  • saving custom templates 
  • different page templates in the one notebook
  • more page size options

Notability needs to work on its page customisation and interaction. Multiple page selection, for a note-taking app, is a fundamental feature.

Renaming audio recordings ✅

Many people want to do more than just record audio. I thought syncing notes to audio was the best way to ‘name‘ our recordings. Apparently not! We want to rename our audio files for better cataloguing and reference.


Since iPadOS, the Note-Switcher is not enough anymore. Multiple instances will give us more multi-tasking capabilities in the app.

Auto-switching from eraser to pen

Yes, this can be useful. 

Easier access to the redo button

Gestures are faster. The three-finger gesture swipe to the right let’s you redo. But our community wants a dedicated icon anyway.

Improved hyperlink interactions

We want to:

  • deactivate hyperlinks when writing ✅
  • create hyperlinks (They now support exporting active hyperlinks. It’s a step in the right direction).

Support on multiple platforms. 

Notability is currently available on iOS/iPadOS and macOS only. Windows and Android versions will be much appreciated—that way, people are not limited to just one type of device to enjoy using the application. It will mean syncing via other Cloud services as well. 

True dark mode

But of course, it’s necessary.

Improved lasso tool selection options

The lasso tool in Notability selectively selects only your handwritten sections. What happens to our mages and text? That level of discrimination is unacceptable in 2020, lol! We should at least be able to select everything on the page. 

Improvement of PDF features

It would be awesome to see outlines in Notability. Not all PDFs have hyperlinks, but most have outlines. 

Bring back the in-app web browser

According to the Notability developers, they changed this because Apple changed its privacy policies. So far, it seems only Ginger Labs has responded to that change. All the other developers from other apps are not listening. Am just saying. Maybe Notability was affected by this because of how they coded for the feature. Is that even a thing?

OCR support for Math Equations ✅

 We don’t get it. But you guys asked, and we are just passing on the message.

Adding more things to notes

Yes, we need the ability to insert more things into our notes. Tables and videos mostly. Anything else you can think of?

Add a pencil tool

The last and final request which we agree with: please add a pencil tool.

Horizontal Scrolling ✅

Text alignment ✅

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!