Notability 10.2.3

Notability 10.2.3 is not a very big update. There’s nothing exciting that would make someone switch from their current note-taking app to Notability. Here’s what’s changed. 

Select all option

On the homepage when you want to Edit multiple notebooks, you now have the option to Select All on the far right corner of the top toolbar. It will save you a few minutes. 

Export active hyperlinks

Notability now actively exports active hyperlinks with no new settings or buttons. We are always impressed by Notability’s dedication to minimalism. If your PDF has hyperlinks, Notability will export them as active and still working. This is definitely their biggest update in this release. 

Import multiple notes in their correct order

When importing multiple files into Notability, you now have the option to Arrange files. Tapping on it will allow you to rearrange your files the way you want them imported into the notebook. This is very important because arranging pages in Notability is a very painful task, especially if you’ve just imported big documents. It’s best to have them in the right order right from the start. This feature is very buggy at the moment, the buggiest in this update.

Paging for your text highlighter

When you want to change the highlighter colour for your text in the app, you can now scroll through the app’s different palettes like you do with your writing tools. That’s the paging they are referring to. 

Insert last image within 15 minutes of taking a photo

When you long press on an empty space in your Notability notebook, you get the option to Insert last image. This will appear if you’ve taken a photo within the last 15 minutes, and it applies to screenshots too. It’s a useful feature if you quickly want to add a picture you just took without going to the plus icon and sieving through your images. 

Removed convert to math on individual shapes.

This is a default setting. Before, we had the ability to tap on a shape and have the option to convert to math. It definitely doesn’t make sense to have that for shapes, right? 

Disable links sharing via MDM 

Mobile device management (MDM) is a system used by institutions to configure and control many devices. In this update, institutions can disable Link Sharing for their devices if they are enrolled with MDM. 

Other minor updates

  • All notes are accessible in the library when the keyboard is visible.
  • Resize handlers are reachable regardless of image size.
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