Flexcil 2 updates

Version 1.0.16: 23 Nov 2020

  • Save the last font information you used in a text box.
  • Template previews for notebooks are now more visible.

Version 1.1.0: 29 Nov 2020

Lasso Tool

Flexcil 2 has added a lasso tool. You can turn on what you want the tool to pick up when you select items on your PDF. Your lasso tool can pick up:

  • Pen only
  • Highlight only
  • Image only
  • Textbox only
  • Everything and you can choose to turn on Auto-Deselect for your lasso tool.

Edit Handwritten Notes

You can now edit your selection in Flexcil 2 to:

  • Resize selection
  • Change the ink colour
  • Copy selection
  • Delete selection

Page List Gesture

You can now quickly switch to the page list window when you’re zooming out of your pages. To use this feature you must turn the option on in your workspace Settings > Gesture > turn on Open the page list by zooming out.

Other Updates

  • Double-tap with two fingers on the page to undo
  • Free upgrade promotion for Flexcil 1 paid users (Dec 2. 2020 ~ Jan 31. 2021 UTC +9)

Version 1.1.4: 19 Dec 2020

  • Flexcil 2 now recognises PDF hyperlinks.
  • They have added a palm rejection area at the bottom of your documents. All you have to do is swipe up your document to create space for your palm to rest.
  • You can navigate through your pages faster with the Page slider. When using horizontal scrolling, the page slider goes at the bottom of your page and when scrolling vertically, it goes to the right.
  • New note covers
  • Support for PNG images
  • 13 additional languages are supported: French, German, Tamil, Filipino, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Japanese.
  • Supports backup file restoration by drag & drop.

2 thoughts on “Flexcil 2 updates”

  1. hi, thank you for all your useful reviews. For my taking notes app, I already choose and stick with Goodnotes, the best for me. But for the pdf reader apps, I did not chose yet. I am between pdf viewer, which is really nice to read and highlight but is not enough to work on a document for me, and I hesitate between Flexcil 2 and LiquidText. Do you have any recommandation or do you plan to compare those two ? I am a mathematician. Thank you

    1. Comparing the two is definitely on our to-do list, but we are not sure when that will be. In a nutshell, though, Flexcil is like LiquidText’s little sibling. They have the same principles, only in Flexcil, it’s a bit toned down. LiquidText works best with research when you want to catalogue and track where your information is coming from. Flexcil is great for reading and annotating PDFs and taking a few notes as you do in note-taking apps. Have you tried using GoodNotes for PDF reading?

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