Vertical scrolling for Noteshelf

Noteshelf Version 8.0 just added vertical scrolling to the app! We have been waiting a long time for this! You can change the scrolling direction in your workspace settings. Go to Settings > Scrolling.

In vertical scrolling, your pages move to the sides as they do in vertical scrolling. It gives the feeling that the pages are superimposed on the workspace. Let’s hope it is not going to cause us any trouble while writing in the app.

On your right, you get a tiny scrolling bar to navigate through your documents faster. It navigates pages instead of page sections, like you get with vertical scrolling.

Vertical scrolling in Noteshelf resembles that in GoodNotes. It has a gap between the pages and is not seamless, like in Notability. Your handwriting can’t overlap between pages. You also can’t move items across pages using your lasso tool. You have to cut and paste your selections.

Noteshelf has always had trouble with handwriting lag in the app since its first version. They are constantly trying to improve that, and this update is no exception.

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