How I feel about Notes Plus

Some of you have asked me if Notes Plus is truly a combination of many different note-taking apps. Short answer; YES. But that is not necessarily a good thing and here’s why:

  1. Notes Plus has handwriting recognition. But do I use it? No, because Nebo does a better job.
  2. The app has both vertical and horizontal scrolling, customizable page sizes and templates and it even has a wider variety of pens to choose from. Is that a good thing? Yes, if it worked for me, it would be a great thing.

Notes Plus has too many choices to go through when starting to use the app. Some might find that a good thing. Personally, it just slows me down and this is the same problem I have with ZoomNotes.

I could use it for my OCR needs, but Nebo is better. I could use it for taking my notes, but, Notability works better for me. With all the pens options available and the customisation features in Notes Plus, I don’t understand most of them. That is mostly because I don’t use them, so I haven’t bothered to learn them. In short, the app is just overwhelming. With any software, the simpler the better.


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  1. Hi Ropsie

    Interesting to read your comment about the simplicity of software (but it seems that a lot of users share your thoughts, which would explain the success of notability, good notes and noteshelf). I feel completely the other way. I want software to have a lot of features, since I use them daily. It is like learning to drive a Ferrari, it takes time, but once you master it, your means of transportation have improved considerably.

    Going back to Notes Plus. I was disappointed by the lack of features of GN, Notability etc, and found that Notes Plus was the first note taking app, that deserves its name. I used it for one year, but was annoyed by its archilles heel:

    1. it has the worst handwriting distortion of all note taking apps, and,

    2. especially if you want to move pages either within a document or from
    document to document, the app crashed and the document was corrupt beyond repair (the worst nightmare of any user)

    So I found ZoomNotes, which has even more features, and does not suffer these problems.


    Uwe Brauer

    1. Hello Uwe,

      ZoomNoets is definitely a better replacement for Notes Plus. Another problem with Notes Plus is that it seems its developers have stopped creating new features. At some point it was ahead of all the note-taking apps, now it’s lagging dramatically.

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