What’s new for the Files app in iPadOS 14?

A Minimalist Look

The Files app has very few changes in iPadOS 14. Apple has worked towards a more minimalist look for the app. They have: 

  • Removed the bottom toolbar that had our Recents and Browse tabs. The Recents tab is now at the top of our sidebar. They added a tab for documents people have shared with us below our Recents tab. Collaboration is a huge part of our work in 2020, it’s good to easily access it in any app that supports the feature. 
  • Removed the navigation bar that was below the search tool. It is now tacked it away under a square grid icon with all our navigation options on how we view our documents in the app. 

APFS encrypted drive support

The Files app now supports external drives that use APFS encryption. All you have to do is enter the password for the drive to access its contents.

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