Notability apologises to old users

In a recent blog post, Notability apologised to their old users. In the upcoming version 11.0.2, they will let old users keep their previously purchased features. This was a cry for help from our developers and we should find it in our hearts to forgive them.

We would like to keep our developers working on the app because we need it. Notability is a great application. Our developers are not certain if they can support lifetime access to the app. Now is the perfect time to start a conversation about how developers can stay in business in an affordable way.

  • What subscriptions work?
  • Which ones don’t?
  • How can we make sure the apps we need continue getting updated for as little cost as possible?
  • How can smaller developers survive such a competitive market?

We need a solution (asap) before we lose critical apps from the App Store. Paid updates and in-app purchases are viable options for this. Subscriptions are also great for businesses, professionals and organisations if properly implemented.

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