Why I am leaving Notability

I have been using Notability as my main note-taking app for the past four years. It’s been my go-to app for rough notes and final study notes alike. Even though I have consistently complained about the poor page customisation in the app, I am still stuck with Notability because of their audio recording feature. It was super useful for me during lectures and classes. 

However, at the beginning of last year (2020), I dropped out of med school and Notability hasn’t been that useful to me since. While I was complaining about Notability’s lack of page customisation, I have been waiting for the day my handwriting experience in ZoomNotes became good enough to drop Notability. 

A few days ago, I realised that the day I’d been waiting for had arrived! The joy! I have disliked ZoomNotes’ user interface, still do, but for me – the handwriting experience in a handwriting note-taking app is the one determining factor of whether or not I use an app. No matter what an app can do or what it looks like, I won’t use it if I don’t like its handwriting experience.

My work now requires different page templates and a lot more features than those offered by Notability or GoodNotes. The most logical app to go for is ZoomNotes. 

My medical school notes will remain in Notability with their recordings. I hope to get an opportunity to finish my studies if time permits. I do love studying medicine, but when I had to drop out, I figured that I loved you guys more. So it was a very simple decision for me. In the meantime, whenever I can I still study my medical notes. 

4 thoughts on “Why I am leaving Notability”

  1. Welcome aboard, Ropsie. I am retired and no business reasons that require specific features, so it made sense to go with the most features. It gives me something to play around with and learn.

  2. Hi 👋 Ropsie
    Notability should do the following to regain it’s no.1 position on the app store:
    1) Fullscreen mode like in goodnotes…They introduced the favourite toolbar (which is 😎 cool!) but without a true Fullscreen mode, it seems pointless.
    2) PAGE CUSTOMIZATION: This is Notability’s achilles heel!!! They have to do it if they want users to switch from goodnotes etc!!! They must take inspiration from goodnotes for this feature…
    3) Flashcards (study cards) will be awesome 😊👌🏻😊
    4) In audio recording, we must have an option of “pause” button like the one we have in the audio recordings playing…when you record an audio, you’ve to stop 🛑 it instead of pausing the Audio. But during playing the audio, we can pause and stop the audio…
    5) Sticky notes should be small word processor windows like the ones in the liquidtext where you could write both typed as well as handwritten notes… Currently the sticky notes in notability are phony, purposeless…
    6) During importing a document, it’s cool that we have the option of selection of which pages we wanna import by selecting them…In addition we must have an option in which we just write a range of pages and these are imported to the notability.
    7) The web selection was a VERY COOL 😎 feature in notability and was very handy; but then in one update, they messed it up…They must restore it to the previous one…
    8) They must introduce linking capability; at least it should be there in a pdf…

    Page customization and Fullscreen options are the must have and they must introduce it at the EARLIEST!!!
    Regards ☺️

    1. Hello Abid,
      5) You can use the sticky notes for handwriting (the first top 4) and typing (the one written Typing). And all of them you can customise to your liking.
      7) Agreed. But they said it was because of a change in Apple’s policies that’s why they had to change it.
      Which app are you using between the two? 🤔 Still using LiquidText?

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