Why I am leaving Notability

I have been using Notability as my main note-taking app for the past four years. It’s been my go-to app for rough notes and final study notes alike. Even though I have consistently complained about the poor page customisation in the app, I am still stuck with Notability because of their audio recording feature. It was super useful for me during lectures and classes. 

However, at the beginning of last year (2020), I dropped out of medical school, and Notability hasn’t been that useful to me since. While I was complaining about Notability’s lack of page customisation, I have been waiting for the day my handwriting experience in ZoomNotes became good enough to drop Notability.

A few days ago, I realised that the day I’d been waiting for had arrived! The joy! I have disliked ZoomNotes’ user interface and still do, but for me, the handwriting experience in a handwriting note-taking app is the one determining factor in whether or not I use an app. No matter what an app can do or what it looks like, I won’t use it if I don’t like its handwriting experience.

My work now requires different page templates and a lot more features than those offered by Notability or GoodNotes. The most logical app to go for is ZoomNotes.

My medical school notes will remain in Notability with their recordings. I hope to get an opportunity to finish my studies if time permits. I do love studying medicine, but when I had to drop out, I figured that I loved you guys more. So it was a very simple decision for me. In the meantime, whenever I can, I still study my medical notes.

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