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Agenda 11.0: 20 Sept 2020

Agenda has added new premium features and iPadOS 14 support for scribble and widgets.

The New Premium Features

Subtle Tag Appearance

If you didn’t like the tags in the app or you prefer something that won’t stand out too much, this update is for you. The new tags blend into your notes. They only have a different colour and are in a tiny text box. 

Dashes And Bullets For Unnumbered Lists

Now you can choose between dashes and bullets for your unnumbered lists in Agenda. We still don’t have varying bullet points for creating hierarchies in our lists though. It is easier to understand the organisational levels of your lists when the bullet points are different.

Strikeout & Grey Out For Interactive Checklist

We couldn’t be happier about this update. Striking out completed tasks makes it easier to differentiate them from incomplete ones. Greying them out is also a good option for those that don’t like striking out.

Sample Content

You can now preview how your notes will look as you change your preferences. This will save you a lot of time. Imagine making and saving new changes only to realise you don’t like how they look after you have closed the preferences tab.

iPadOS 14 Support


You can now use your Apple Pencil to scribble your notes in Agenda. Handwriting notes is an important part of our lives. If you’ve been missing that and wishing to handwrite your notes, now you can. 

Upcoming Agenda Widgets

Agenda has added new widgets for your upcoming events in iPadOS 14. You no longer need to open the app to see your schedule.

Updates Available For Non-Premium Users

  • Complete support for VoiceOver and Voice Control to make Agenda more accessible.
  • Support for iPad trackpad.
  • Two-finger swipe gesture on the iPad trackpad to open and close the side panels.
  • Support for seven new languages: Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, English (UK), Afrikaans and Russian.
  • Preferences now contained in different tabs.
  • Turn off the option to Add Empty Note to New Projects under General in your Agenda Preferences
  • Under Calendar in your Agenda Preferences, you can now: 
    • Set the First Day of the Week
    • Show Dates as Relative to Today
    • Import Event Notes from linked calendars. 
    • Create All-Day Reminders by Default
  • Create notes linked to an event or day from a template.
  • Insert placeholders in templates. They get pre-populated when you make a new note from the template
  • Support for actions, e.g. When you type \date Agenda inserts today’s date.
  • The \remind action now supports new parameters: all-day, list and title. Learn more about actions and parameters in Agenda
  • Placeholder actions in templates now let you dynamically enter standard content, such as the current date.
  • In templates, when you add content (import it or use x-callback-urls), the shared-content placeholder inserts it directly where you want it.
  • Use templates in x-callback-urls and link events to your notes. They also added the option to not select notes edited through the x-callback-url.
  • In the sharing extension you can now: 
    • Create new notes
    • Create new notes with templates 
    • Swipe the left edge (of the sharing extension) to see the navigation list.
  • The keyboard bar insert popover (plus icon on the keyboard) now includes date and time.

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!