Apple Reminders update archive

iPadOS 14 updates

Organise your smart lists

In Apple Reminders, you can now customise your smart lists on the top section of the sidebar. You can choose what you see from five possible options. In iPadOS 13 we had four options that we couldn’t remove. In iPadOS14, they have added another tab for tasks assigned to me. It gives us the ability to assign lists to other people and they get reminded of those tasks. Likewise, when someone assigns a list to us, we get reminders. 

Personalise your lists with emojis

Apple has added the option to use emojis for our lists icon. The sixty options we had in iPadOS 13 were not enough, neither were they intuitive. They changed that and it’s refreshing. 

Improved text on some tabs

 They removed the ‘Remind me’ parts of our icons to leave just 

  • date 
  • location 
  • when messaging 

They also changed Flagged to Flag. You flag a task and view it under your flagged tasks. Not a major update that to dance around for, but it’s something we noticed. Glad they dropped the past tense on the Flag icon. Petty or justified? 

Separated time icon from the date icon

They’ve placed time on an independent icon. When creating a reminder for that day, we don’t have to go through our date picker to access time.

Calendar date picker

Apple replaced the scrolling date picker with a calendar date picker instead. It looks and works better. If you feel nostalgic, you can still use the scrolling dates for your months and years. 

Access more through the left swipe gesture

You can now get details on your task when you swipe to the left. Before, we could only flag or delete our tasks with this gesture. Now, we don’t have to rely on the information icon to change our tasks. 

Edit multiple reminders at once

You can now do more with multiple tasks in Apple Reminders in iPadOS 14. You can:

  • Change the date and time
  • Flag 
  • Mark as completed 
  • Move and delete them (this we could do in iPadOS 13).

Apple Reminders doesn’t have a way to show us our deleted tasks. A recycle bin is a must-have in any productivity app. Let’s hope Apple can add that for us in the future.

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