Why I unsubscribed from Apple TV+ in less than 24hrs

Like most Apple fans, I have been excited about the launch of Apple TV+. Until I actually subcribed for the 7 day trial. 

Since most people were comparing Netflix to Apple TV+, I really thought Apple was offering better content than Netflix. I was excited to have a cheaper Netflix subscription for just $4.99 per month!

That was before I learnt that I was paying $4.99 for 9 shows! So, naturally. I unsubscribed. 

I should have known $4.99 was too good to be true. I mean, it’s Apple. When has Apple ever tried to help our bank accounts?

I thought Apple TV+ meant accessing all the content in Apple TV for a monthly subscription. Thought, perhaps Apple hadn’t dwelt much on that side of their marketing because it was obvious. They couldn’t really start a subscription for just nine shows. Could they? Would they? 


I still have to buy movies from Apple TV, even though I have an Apple TV+ subscription. Am I the only one finding this unacceptable? 

I am going back to Netflix! I am not big on finding new series anyway. I like my old childhood movies that I have watched a thousand times. Apple original series don’t tickle my fancy; at all.

Some people have argued that they will add more content. In that case, let’s review that content when it becomes available. Shall we? I am not paying $4.99/month today based on promises. Apple seems to like charging products based on promises lately. They did that with the iPad pro 2018; selling it for an exorbitant price because it has potential to run powerful apps. 11 months later, we are still waiting for those powerful apps.

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