First Thoughts on the September Apple Event

Lazy to read? Watch the video instead.

Overally, I was not impressed by what Apple had to offer at the event. I am very happy my bank balance is not changing. There are a few things grabbed my attention though.

Apple released a new iPad.

The 7th Gen iPad starting at U$329 and U$299 for students. This is the third iPad Apple has released this year. The fifth iPad released in the last 12 months.

What’s really interesting is that with every new iPad Apple releases, you question if you even need to an iPad pro.

The screen is bigger, not by much though. The iPad 2019 comes with a 10.2 inch screen. Why didn’t they just make it 10.5 inches? Apple is very good at complicating things. They are also trying to make sure that our accessories are not interchangeable.

The new iPad now comes with a smart connector for a keyboard. I feel like, if I had been patient, I could be buying this iPad pro wannabe for much cheaper than I got my 1st gen iPad pro back in 2015!

This is also the first iPad to ship with iPadOS. Shocking, isn’t it? I just assumed that Apple would release its most powerful mobile OS on their most powerful iPad. I guess not.

The new iPad starts selling on September 30th. If you’re on a budget, now is a good time to look out for the iPad 2018. It will be cheaper now that a new one has been released.

With the apple pencil support and the smart connector, the iPad 2019 is practically an iPad pro now. Practically being the keyword. Thinking of purchasing your first iPad? This is it!

My face just lit up when they announced the iPhone 11 pro. I must have been crazy to think Apple might release an iPhone with a stylus. To rival Samsung’s Note series.

Who else would have loved a stylus for their iPhone? Am I the only one?

For what I do, I’d love to have a device I can write on that fits in my pocket. I guess some other time. I might just be convinced to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. After I get over my love for IOS.

The last thing that caught my attention, is Apple TV+ for 4.99/month. For the whole family! It is cheaper that Apple music! Market competition is good for consumers.

I am sold for this subscription and happy to ditch Netflix! For good. Sorry, Netflix. But when I grew up, I learnt to be faithful to my pocket.

For a split second, Apple had me thinking, ‘I need to buy a new gadget to get Apple TV+ for free!’
Then I started doing the maths in my head. Wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense! Nice try Apple! Trying to empty my bank account!

What excited you about this KeyNote Event?
What gadgets are you adding to your workflow?


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