screenshot of the iPad pro showing export options in iPadOS 13

Public Beta iPadOS 13: Everything Else Besides Dark Mode

I have had an unhealthy relationship with Apple for a while now. The iPad pro 2018 is a massive waste of money in my opinion. It’s made me consider other brands for going paperless. A project that’s taking me very long to start. But when Apple turns around and pulls out an IOS update like this one; I just go running back into their open arms and forgive their sins.

iPad pro 2015 (with Apple Pencil) running the public beta iPadOS13, on a white IKEA study desk

iPadOS: About Time!

I have felt (since the first generation iPad pro) that IOS was limiting the pro series’ full potential. I am surprised it took Apple this long to do this. Anyway, hopefully now we can finally get to see just how powerful the iPad pros are.

Screenshot of Nebo to show case it's handwriting recognition technology (OCR) on the iPad

OCR on the ipad pro

OCR (Optical character Recognition) is a technology that allows computers to recognise printed and handwritten text characters.
You can take a photo or scan a document and convert it to text.