iPad Pro 2015 (with Apple Pencil) running the public beta iPadOS13, on a white IKEA study desk

iPadOS: About Time!

I have felt (since the first generation iPad pro) that IOS was limiting the pro series’ full potential. I am surprised it took Apple this long to do this. Anyway, hopefully now we can finally get to see just how powerful the iPad pros are.

Study desk with an iPad pro and Apple Pencil, some blank papers, pens, a folder and some computer glasses

Just how paperless am I?

My folder mostly contains my official documents: passports, certificates and transcripts. Basically, all the documentation an international student needs for study. Russians love paperwork. So no matter how much I try avoiding paper, they will find a way to make sure I have some! For one reason or another.

Apple Pencil second generation on top on an iPad pro with Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 by Microsoft in the background

Apple Pencil 2: What You Need To Know

Apple is very cunning. Some could argue it’s just good business. Most of us (die hard Apple fans) love their latest, coolest, shiniest gadgets. Apple knows this! So to make sure we upgraded our iPad pros, they made a new Apple pencil that is not compatible with the previous generation iPad pros. Which left us feeling left out and irrelevant. Ancient even!