Price: 7-day free trial version
One-time in-app purchase
iOS version: $9.99
iPadOS version: $19.99
macOS/Windows: $39.95 for 1 licence (discount for multiple licenses)

In-app purchases: Yes (full version of app when trial ends)


Size: 5 MB

Type of app: Mind mapping, note taking

Supports: Family Sharing

Appstore rating: Not enough ratings

Our rating: 4.6 out 5


  • Saves documents to the Files app, no storage of documents within the app
  • Save documents to other apps
  • No document organisation within the app

Auto backup & syncing

  • No automatic backup
  • Syncing’ available if you save documents to a cloud service
  • Autosave your work as you work on it


  • Left-aligned typing , no word count
  • One default font

Add stuff to your notes

  • Photos
  • Bullet lists
  • Ordered lists
  • Inline code
  • Code block
  • links
  • Block quote
  • Horizontal rules


  • None of your documents get stored in the app

Video demonstrating how this app works

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Import notes

  • Import one document at a time via the Files app
  • Import Markdown, Word, HTML, OPML, Writemapper formats

Taking notes

  • Create notes using mind maps
  • Distraction-free editing
  • Support Markdown syntax
  • Supports dark mode
  • Spellcheck
  • Emoji support
  • Colour tags to group nodes together
  • Task status marks individual nodes as done
  • Full preview of different document formats

Multi-tasking on iPad

  • No multiple instances
  • Open one document at a time
  • Split view with other apps
  • Drag & drop text and images

Searching your notes

  • Search whole mind map

Share your notes

  • Save notes to different cloud services or to other apps
  • Share notes in different formats: markdown, image, HTML, OPML, word, plain text, rich text format

Special features

  • Creates text documents from mind map
  • Distraction-free document editing
  • Complete control over where you save your documents
  • Minimalist approach to document creation


  • No editing, cropping or custom arrangement for images
  • No table creation
  • No font options
  • No colour options for text formatting

Do you sometimes wish you could just focus on writing without worrying too much about creating headings? Are you looking for a simpler way to create documents; focusing on your content and not so much on how it looks?

Then Writemapper 2 is the app you ought to get. It lets you create your notes using a mind map. This gives you a complete picture of what you’re creating. When you are done, you can export your documents in various formats.

WriteMapper is a hybrid note taking & mind mapping app.

The app has taken a very unique approach to creating documents that is both minimalist and refreshing.

The lack of image editing is drawback. That definitely needs to be improved. Resizing and cropping features are a must-have for any app supporting image addition. The option to wrap text around images can be aesthetically pleasant when creating documents. These are all additions that will make this powerful application great for note takers.

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