5 things you might dislike about MarginNote

We have done a tonne of videos on MarginNote.They mostly focused on how to use the application. But, what could you possibly dislike about MarginNote? Here are five reasons: 

1. MarginNote is a very complicated PDF reader.

If you intend to use this application, as your primary PDF reader, you will need to spend some time learning to use the app; even if you are using tutorials. 

2. MarginNote lags, the more nodes you add to your mind map. 

Lagging mostly occurs when you incorporate different things in your notes: text, handwriting, pictures and scanned notes. The lag might be minor, but those seconds add up in the long run. It just doesn’t make for a smooth user experience. 

3. Syncing is defective

iCloud syncing in MarginNote is dysfunctional. When you need your notes on a different device, manually sync the notes and check they are appearing on your other device. Otherwise, you risk not having your notes when you need them. 

4. No auto backup

Not many of us remember to back up our documents. This is why it’s best to have auto backup for your documents to backup automatically at regular intervals. In MarginNote, you manually have back up your notes to a folder you choose.

5. Exporting massive mind maps is a pain

MarginNote is not the type of app you can export your huge mind maps out of. Big mind maps created in MarginNote are better off left in MarginNote. You will end up exporting multiple segments of your mind map.

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