12 features that make ZoomNotes the best note-taking app

I avoided reviewing this app for a very long time. Can’t blame me, though. ZoomNotes is THE MOST COMPLICATED NOTE-TAKING APP EVER CREATED. They have an 87-page manual to prove it! The developers of this app have to be the most complicated thinkers on the planet! The most meticulous too because they pay attention to everything!

If you can think it, ZoomNotes has it.

User interface

Pretty much everything about the interface is customisable. For example, the toolbar can either be at the bottom or at the top. The sidebar is on the left or right. You can adjust the size of your toolbar icons. They look better when they’re smaller. You can even pick a colour for your icons! No other note-taking app offers this much customisation.

Add videos

Simply long-press, select Image, and go to your videos in the Photos app. This is game-changing for students and educators alike. You can choose how the video looks in your notes. It can rotate, and you can take notes while it’s playing.

Going paperless doesn’t get more fun than this!


A personal favourite because I suck at drawing. All the beautiful diagrams in my notes have been traced! Every single one of them! For tracing, layers are very important. The diagram I am tracing from and the new diagram I am drawing must be on separate layers. That way, I can delete the Google photo once I am done, then modify my new one to suit my needs.

Create custom pages

ZoomNotes supports any page size. Under Custom, you decide the page width and height of the page you’re creating, as well as its orientation: portrait or landscape. You can pick a page colour and that of the canvas surrounding your page. You will appreciate the contrast.

The lines and margins on your page are also customisable; their colour, spacing, and thickness. You can add texture to your paper and determine how the texture looks. If you don’t like the texture options given, you can import your own. ZoomNotes offers you blank, lined, dotted, squared, music, isometric, and graph papers, all of which you can customise to your specifications!

Infinite canvas

An infinite canvas is usually associated with PDF readers. ZoomNotes (though capable of PDF annotation) is primarily a note-taking app. So this is quite impressive.

Pen tool

5 different pens to choose from! All are customisable to suit your needs. You can also save your favourite pens for easy access. The app has a highlighter. It gives you the option to have your highlight at the back. The only app I know to give this option. Most apps just decide for you so far.

ZoomNotes also has a pencil tool. My favourite tool, I love it. As useless as it may be for serious note-taking, it has a place in me heart! It also has a watercolour, something we’ve not seen in any other note-taking app. Funny thing though, despite all these options, I can’t find a pen tool that works for me in ZoomNotes. It’s shocking, isn’t it?

Customisable toolbars

It is possible to deactivate features on your toolbars. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will!

Ruler tools

ZoomNotes has all kinds of ruler tools! They make me miss geometry. Them tangents! It’s very difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually fun! Who’s with me on this one?

It has a calendar and map.

Which made me start thinking ZoomNotes is perfect for journaling. You can mark places on the map, add videos, photos and audio recordings to your entries. Isn’t that just brilliant? You can also create events in ZoomNotes which get added to your Apple Calendar without you leaving the app. And you can set reminders too!

Automatic outline creation

When writing your notes, the app generates an outline of your pages. You can then label the pages on your outline. This saves you the time you’d otherwise waste manually creating outlines for your notes.

In-app split view

Unlike Notability which offers a horizontal split view only, ZoomNotes has both vertical and horizontal split views.

Table creation

Tables are very important for note-taking apps, yet very few actually have that option (only uPad has it).
How customisable the tables can be is also equally important. ZoomNotes does a great job with that. You can create the exact table you want with just a few taps.

Bonus point: the developers of this app are constantly working to improve their app. ZoomNotes is the most updated app of all my note-taking apps. A dedicated developers’ team just goes a long way to show you the future of an app.

ZoomNotes is the most impressive note-taking app in App Store at the moment. No app can compete or even come close, so there’s really no point in comparing this app to any other note-taking app. So why isn’t this not a popular option for most users? Myself included?

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