Noteshelf & Notability’s latest updates

The latest updates from Noteshelf and Notability

Noteshelf Updates

Version 8.3.4

They added more paper templates to the app’s templates library. We now have Business Planner and Sales paper templates. These are just paper templates, not functional planners. It would be cool if they were planners, right? 

Version 8.3.5

We can finally minimise our favourites toolbar! When they first added this feature, the shortcut to minimise the toolbar didn’t work. They have finally fixed it! You can choose to turn on Auto-minimise for the toolbar to automatically minimise when you start writing your notes. When you turn it off, you have to minimise the toolbar yourself; every single time. You can even hide it without tapping the pen tool (not that it was much work before). Read the complete review of Noteshelf here.

Notability 10.4

Thumbnail View

We can now view our documents on the homepage as thumbnails. That way, you know exactly what the first page of your notes looks like. I dislike thumbnails, I hardly use them in any app. They tend to fit fewer documents on the screen, which usually means endlessly scrolling.

Group Ink

We now have an option to Group our ink in the application. Our developers say this will allow us to style, transform, erase and move the entire group. We could do all those things already, without grouping our ink. What value do we get out of this feature? Are we missing something? Is it preparing the app for a cooler feature?

Read the complete review of Notability here.

We can’t group ink and images, which would have been useful. At least, that way, we could finally move all the items on the page at once. Any of you guys found something useful about the feature that we’re missing?

Save Custom Stickers

We can now save our ink as stickers! Since most of us are not happy buying the stickers from their Notability Shop, they’ve given us the ability to create and save our own. Unleash your creativity and fill the app with diagrams you use often!

This is very useful and could be better if they let us organise our stickers. Your stickers could be anything: graphs, diagrams or tables. Anything you’ve had to draw or copy & paste repeatedly in the past. The sticker you save still behaves like ink. You can Ungroup it to work on individual strokes for editing (if that ever becomes necessary).   

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