Noteshelf 8.2: What’s Changed?

New pen slider

Noteshelf has replaced the fixed pen sizes with a pen slider that lets you get all the thicknesses in between. You still get the fixed sizes on the slider, so they’ve kept their old users happy. Some of us do prefer fixed pen sizes, and those are marked on the pen slider. They have also improved the colour palette for your writing tools. Your colour palette scrolling is now paged, which gives it a modern look. 

Mobile favourites toolbar

Your favourites toolbar is now smaller and mobile. You can move it around the page and place it on any of the four edges of the screen. It doesn’t stay in the middle of the screen though. Tick the Show Favourites Toolbar at the bottom of your new pen slider to show the toolbar and untick to hide it.  

Noteshelf has improved their pen tool customisation options to make them more modern and more user-friendly. They are easy to use and intuitive. 

2021 Planners 

If Noteshelf is your planning app, they’ve added this year’s planners to their library. Stay organised this 2021. 

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