Noteshelf 8.3: What’s New?

Create Quick Notes

Noteshelf now has an option to create quick notes – a massive plus icon labelled Quick Create Note. Couldn’t they word it better? Still, the ability to create notes in one tap is a must-have in a note-taking app. It comes in handy during emergencies when there is no time to choose a page template and you just want to start writing.

Our first Quick Create Note was on yellow paper, yikes! Three times in a row we got that pumpkin yellow colour. If there is no way to customise this, then our developers need to pick a more neutral colour (white, beige) for our Quick Create Note. This yellow one is unusable! In their defence, the most popular pen colours (black, blue, green and red) are quite visible against the yellow background. White is the most visible colour though. I don’t about you, but I am not used to writing in white ink (no matter how logical it might be at the time).

The background colour is not the only problem with our new Quick Create Note. The lines on the page template are difficult to see. Staring at this template for ten minutes is either going to frustrate you or give you a headache, if not both. It’s a great feature though, we just need a bit more to make it work:

  • A neutral page background
  • Settings to choose our default templates for our Quick Create Note.

Manual Sorting

You can now manually sort your notebooks on the shelf. Simply drag & drop your notebooks to their new location. This is a faster way to organise notes and work in the app. We love it!

More Menu Options For Groups

Before, we could only Open or Rename our groups, but in Noteshelf 8.3 we can also:

  • Open in New Window
  • Duplicate
  • Move
  • Share
  • Move to Trash
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