5 Reasons I left LiquidText for MarginNote

1. No Cloud backup 

LiquidText lacks backup (manual or automatic) to any Cloud service. It is necessary to keep a backup of your documents. Anything can happen to your device; it’s comforting to know your notes and work is safe. 

2. No iCloud syncing

In 2019, I don’t think this should even be something to complain about. It is unbelievable! One of the perks for going paperless is the ability to work on projects using multiple devices. I started this article on my Mac, then switched to my phone, and I’ll probably finish it on my iPad. Whatever device I choose, wherever I am, I can keep working. That’s not possible with LiquidText. 

3. Lags with massive file

This issue is not unique to LiquidText, though. Most PDF readers slow down with too many documents or large ones. That’s not to say we are used to it. LiquidText takes too long to load documents and sometimes freezes completely. 

My current workspace has fifteen documents; seven of them are textbooks. They are too much for the app. I have this many textbooks in one workspace because this is the best way to organise work in LiquidText. It saves space on my iPad. 

4. LiquidText takes too much storage space

I only have two workspaces in LiquidText, and they are taking a lot of space on my iPad. MarginNote 3 has more documents, and it’s not taking up as much space. Much like the case with Notability and GoodNotes, where GoodNotes generally just makes bigger files. 

5. No bookmarking  

If there is, then it is the most hidden bookmarking icon in any app I’ve encountered so far, which defeats the purpose of having the icon in the first place! A PDF annotation app without bookmarking, unbelievable. Bookmarks ease our navigation through PDFs.

Since I have to move my documents across my devices in Liquidtext manually, I have seen no point in using the app on my new iPad pro. It started freezing on me as well. I have since moved my documents to MarginNote 3, and it has become my new PDF reader to replace my Liquidtext, which I have used for almost two years. 

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