Plan On It 2020 review

Plan On It has a new planner for January 2020. This year they have a Notability planner, as well as the GoodNotes one. I love how they create planners for specific apps. It’s unique. It costs $16.99 on Etsy.

Plan on it planner has a first page with a blank sheet of paper where you can write anything you want
The first page on the Plan On it Planner

The first page of the planner has a blank paper to label as you like. You can write your name or a quote like I did with my academic planner. The colours in these planners always put a smile on my face. If you love colourful planners, this is definitely for you. 

Unlike the minimalist planner I reviewed from Brookebot’s digital planner, this planner you can decorate. On the left, it has the months of the year, spanning from January to December. At the top, it has tabs for the index page, calendar, stickers and extras.

It is an undated weekly planner. You only ever need to purchase it once. It has blank templates that can work for any year. The planner comes with stickers for numbers and days of the week. It is a weekly planner with no daily spreads.

Plan on it planner has a colourful index page to help you track what you have in the different sections in the planner
The Index Page

The index page helps you track what your different planner sections have. You have 12 sections in total. You can use them to track your habits, finances, goals, church sermons, etc. Each section is a blank template which you can customise to your liking. 

The calendar at a glance contains the year’s calendar. It has no hyperlinks to the months and weeks in the planner. Hyperlinks on this page are necessary; it’s a shame they are missing. 

Plan On it has a lot of stickers. You don’t have to worry about purchasing stickers separately. It has all the necessary stickers needed to start planning and decorating right away! 

Under Extras, you get different page templates for your planner sections. It has ruled, blank paper and some timetable templates

This planner is not minimalist, but it is not overwhelming either. It is ideal for anyone that likes few decorations for their planners. 

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