Notability 10.4.3: What’s New?

Line Spacing for text

In this update, we get line spacing options for our text. If you don’t already have it on your toolbar, long press an empty space above your keyboard (where all your text features are) and then drag the new feature to where you want it. You can now use one of three line spacing options (1.0, 1.5 or 2.0).
In your Settings, under Typing, you can also set the default line spacing for your notes in the app.

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LaTeX editing for math equations

When I saw this update, all I saw was, ‘Added the ability to edit Math Equations’ and our team jumped to the app. The corner of my eye caught the LaTeX part, but I chose to gracefully ignore it… until I tried to use it. Then I got an ‘Aha’ moment. 

This is certainly useful for Mathematicians, not ordinary users. If you are one of those mathematically advanced humans, let us know if this is a useful feature for you. We complained about the Math conversion having no editing capabilities. Well, they have given us some. 

If any of us in the studio were to use this, we’d rely heavily on searching through LaTeX codes online. It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. Overall, the updates are small, but they are improvements we appreciate.  

4 thoughts on “Notability 10.4.3: What’s New?”

  1. alonsoquixano

    Hi Ropsie

    I am a mathematician of sorts, and I confess, that one reason a bought an Ipad Pro, was Nebo. I was however disappointed. Although the handwriting recognition is excellent and its has a decent equation conversion, you cannot correct badly converted equation. The other two disadvantages are: now inline equation (that is an equation in a line of text), no conversion to Latex (the markup language for mathematician).

    So the funny thing is from that perspective the new feature in Notabality, editing Latex equations, is a big step forward and makes it even more suited for mathematician since Notablity has handwriting conversion, and allows inline equations.

    I already asked the Notablity team , whether they will implement the conversion to Latex. That would make it a killer app for scientists.


    Uwe Brauer

      1. alonsoquixano

        let us consider the following example with an inline equation

        The following integral ∫ sin(x)dx does not make sense

        You cannot write a line like this in Nebo, because you start a text (which is converted automatically) but once you want to insert a math expression he starts a displayed equation.

        Now in notablitiy you write this expression down and now (that is cumbersome, but possible)
        1. The following integral (which is converted to text)
        2. the ∫ sin(x)dx which is converted to math
        3. does not make sense which is converted to text

        so you have to use 3 conversion processes, that is cumbersome, but cannot be avoided.
        Nebo does this automatically and this is why inline equation most likely will never work.
        They are used however frequently in mathematical text.

    1. Hello Uwe Brauer

      I think for Mathematician, LaTex support if important. In Nebo, I have often wished for the ability to correct incorrect equation conversions. Notability seems headed in the right direction, we’ll wait for inline equation conversions. Those will be game changers.

      I suppose handwriting the equations is sometimes not enough.

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