I hate browsing in the Public Beta iPadOS 13

This is a routine for me. When a beta iOS update is released, I tell myself I am not going to upgrade. A few days later I sign up for it. I convince myself that I am ready for any bug that comes with the beta software.

For the first couple of weeks/months, I am totally cool. I know it’s a beta and it has bugs. I can tolerate them… A day or week before the release of the official update, I crack! I have cracked!

I hate iPadOS 13 browsing! My iPad Pro 2015 is my slowest device now when executing any tasks requiring an internet connection!

I have 4 devices connected to the same wifi. My two iPad Pros, iPhone XR and my Acer laptop (my oldest device). Internet Explorer on my Windows PC is faster than Safari on my iPad Pro 2015 (running the beta iPadOS 13). It is driving me insane!

The App Store app takes ages to load. It takes forever to update my apps if they update at all. Safari can’t load a webpage in less than a minute!

I can’t watch Youtube videos because videos take too long to load. I feel like I time-travelled back to the nineties! In 2019, we are not designed to patiently wait for pages to load. I really can’t wait for the official release of iPadOS 13. I am about to lose my mind!

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