I keep all my paper documents in an orange plastic folder. I’ve had it for years now; that’s why it has those dog ears. Proof that it is actually useful! Not planning to replace it anytime soon. My folder mostly contains my official documents: passports, certificates and transcripts. Basically, all the documentation an international student needs for study. Russians love paperwork, so no matter how much I try avoiding paper, they always find a way to make sure I have some. 

I use A5 squared papers for tests during classes. I do classwork on my iPad Pro if I don’t have to submit it.  I have different colours for my papers; trying to spice up my stationery collection!

I also have an old road sign chart, I got it when I was trying to get my driver’s license ages ago. It doesn’t belong to me, so I have no right to throw it out. I intend to return it to my mom when I go home. I’m not sure she remembers it though; knowing my mother, she probably does! 

My pens are not the most beautiful looking, but they get the job done.  Most of them don’t even have lids on! The one pen that does, has a lid with a massive hole in it! I have no idea how that happened. I haven’t bought pens in a very long time. Years in fact! 

Then lastly I have some old bond paper. I have had it for a while, lying idle in my folder. I use it for clerking patients when my professors won’t let me do it on my iPad pro. Those cases are rare though.


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  1. just discovered your content today. Good stuff! I’m wondering, what are your thoughts on minimalism in general, and if you will make videos and other content on that too?

    1. I have been a minimalist all my life. Really have never known any other way to live, to be honest. A lot of people have been asking me about this lately. And so I am giving it some thought.

  2. Hi Rosie,
    What is your thoughts on the new app Noto? Can you please do a review on it… also, how secure and private is Noto and other apps?

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