GoodNotes 5 As A PDF Reader

Thanks to multitasking in iPadOS, now you don’t need to purchase a PDF reader if you’re already using GoodNotes. Paperless X

Thanks to multitasking in iPadOS, now you don’t need to purchase a PDF reader if you already have GoodNotes. Multiple instances allow you to have a notebook opened on one side of your iPad screen and a PDF on the other. You can even open multiple textbooks in different tabs. 

You can view the pages in your PDF as thumbnails, favourite pages or outlines. No outline on your PDF? Create one in GoodNotes 5.

You can select multiple pages to copy, rotate, export or delete them. You can also add pages before or after a selected page. The new page could be an image, scan or a photo. You can import a document through the files app, not just a single page.

You can select a page to export or open it in another window. This is handy for comparing two sections of the same PDF.

GoodNotes supports hyperlinks. After deactivating the inking tools in the app, you can tap on hyperlinks in your PDF. When writing in the app, your hyperlinks are deactivated. You don’t accidentally activate them.

GoodNotes 5 can create hyperlinks for your PDFs using outlines. 

For annotation, the app uses the same tools available for note-taking. Handwriting in GoodNotes is great. If you can use it for annotating textbooks, why not? GoodNotes offers one of the most natural PDF annotation experiences, closely replicating what you do with physical textbooks.

At any point during your annotation, you can insert pages into your PDFs. You can rotate pages, copy them or clear all your annotations. 

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!