6 reasons not to Get the iPad Pro in 2020

I have been using the iPad Pro since 2015. I believe the iPad Pro was Apple’s greatest invention. Five years later, let’s look at the reasons why you should not get an iPad Pro in 2020. Up until 2017, only the iPad Pros supported the Apple Pencil. That changed in 2018 with the release of the iPad 2018. The first non-pro iPad to support the Apple Pencil.

Cheaper iPads are better value for money

Most people buy the iPad Pro for its Apple Pencil support. Last year Apple released three iPads with Apple Pencil support (for half the price of the iPad Pros). You can get the iPad air 3 for as little as $650 ( for the 256GB cellular version). It is cheaper than the entry-level iPad Pro 2020 costing $800 (for the 12.9-inch, 128GB, wifi version). The iPad 2019 is even cheaper, at $560 for the most expensive. The iPad Pro 2020 is definitely not the best value for your money. What these iPads can do, the Pro iPads also do. 

iPad Pros are overkill for average daily use

 Getting an iPad Pro is like buying a bulldozer because you want to build a house. Unless you are in the construction business, you don’t need to buy a bulldozer to build one house. That’s an iPad Pro for most users. It’s not necessary, so don’t waste your money on it. 

4. iPadOS is the same on ALL iPads

iPadOS is awesome. It is giving our iPads more functionality and it is the same on all iPads. I have always believed the iPad Pros (starting from 2015) deserve their own operating system. Unless Apple does something dramatic in iPadOS to set apart the iPad Pros, they are simply not worth buying anymore. The iPad Pro works just the same as any iPad on the market right now.

5. No matter how much faster than PCs an iPad Pro is NOT A LAPTOP! 

iPads will replace laptops for most users in 2020. I use my iPad Pro for 95% of my work. However, I also don’t need a keyboard, mouse or trackpad for my iPad Pro. For daily use, I use it without a mouse.

A mouse works on laptops because most don’t have touchscreens. 

Paperless x

I used a touchscreen laptop for four years. The trackpad and mouse were not very useful on it.

If you think getting a keyboard, trackpad and mouse will turn your iPad into a laptop; you’re mistaken. You are better off getting a laptop than an iPad. iPads are meant to be portable. Adding keyboards and mice sends us back to the laptops we are trying to ditch. Only this time, you get an inferior operating system with your laptop setup. 

iPad Pros are ridiculously expensive 

After buying your iPad, you will need accessories and applications. Don’t need to buy the most expensive iPad. Leave some money for your Apple Pencil, a cover and some applications. 

You’re better off spending money on apps because those will help you get the most out of your iPad. 

The iPad Pro 2020 is great because it’s an iPad Pro. However, with so many iPads on the market, I’m afraid the only Pro thing about an iPad Pro in 2020 is the big screen. Everything else packed into smaller and cheaper devices gives you better value for your money. That is a reality most of us are not willing to face simply because Apple has a fancy display of the latest iPad Pro 2020 on their website

Don’t fall for that. Buy with your mind, not your heart. You’ll thank me later. 

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