The iPad pro: a great investment for any student

Whether you are looking to purchase the first generation iPad Pro (released in 2015) or the latest one, buying the iPad Pro is the best investment any student can make in 2017. I have had my iPad Pro for a little over a year now. I use it every day, every second I’m awake.

All my notes are stored on one device. All my textbooks too. I don’t misplace any pieces of notes anymore. My room and study area are refreshingly cleaner than become.

I study medicine and our textbooks are huge and heavy. I can easily access my textbooks on my iPad Pro. My school bag has never been lighter.

I can record lectures and playback them in my note-taking app. Before I went paperless; I recorded my lectures my phone. Finding the recordings later was difficult. It discouraged me from using my recordings. But on my iPad Pro, in Notability, my notes and audio recordings are synced in one place. I don’t have to look for them.

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The iPad Pro line is a bit pricey. But you don’t need to buy the high end iPad Pro, to start your paperless journey. Any iPad Pro with at least 64GB 128GB. 32GB is too small.

2020 update: It is better to get an iPad with 256GB now, since Apple’s latest iPad Pro has an entry level storage of 128GB.

I have a first generation 12.9-inch iPad pro, 128GB wifi model. I am very happy with it. I am not upgrading because I love my iPad Pro too much! I am not replacing it because I don’t need to.

I’ve always hoarded my notebooks. My iPad Pro is my notebook. For that reason, I can’t part with it. If my iPad pro 2015 wasn’t as good as it is, I’d definitely upgrade. If I wasn’t happy with my iPad Pro, I’d replace it in a heartbeat. I have too many notes on it. I simply can’t afford to have my iPad glitching.

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