Paperless Student: my typical class workflow

Classroom desk setup

Since I’ve doing this subject for a week, I am fully prepared for the class. I have my computer glasses and my iPad that is charging the Apple Pencil. I also have two pens and a piece of paper for the small assignments we turn in during class.

Class session

The teacher came in, she gave us some additional reading material. I used Scanner Pro (on my iPad) to scan it and create a PDF file. Scanner Pro can recognise the document I’m scanning automatically, and when it does, it takes a picture.

To get the best scans of the notes, I can edit each image to remove the parts of my desk spilling into the pictures. I’ll then perfect them later since I’m in the middle of a class.

The next part of my class session is recording the class in Notability. My rough notes are in my PDF reader: LiquidText. Occasionally, the professor asks us to solve a task in our notebooks. I do that on my iPad, and she checks it from there.

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