Organising and decluttering my iPad pro

I downgraded my iPad Pro to the 2015 version because when the time came to give it to my brother, I couldn’t do. So I have been it for about a month now, and thought to organise it. 

I wanted all my apps on one screen. To avoid scrolling through many screens to apps. I created and divided my folders into:

I deleted apps: 

  • I couldn’t remember what they do 
  • That don’t support the latest, basic features, e.g., landscape mode (in 2020 is a must-have). 
  • No longer on App Store
  • No updates for the past year
  • I prefer on my phone (YouTube, YouTube Studio)

Re-downloading some apps I need: 

Strike is a cool note-taking app, but it’s been crashing on me a lot. Since I am putting my house in order, I thought to address that problem. I deleted and downloaded it again from App Store. It doesn’t have any notes in it, so I could afford to do that. 

After about an hour and a half of deleting and moving around, I finally had my iPad apps all organised on my screen. My head feels clearer now. 


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