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Notability doesn’t help you identify hyperlinks in your PDFs. You just have to know where they are to get the most out of the app. Tapping on a hyperlink brings up a popup window prompting you to follow the link. The window shows a preview of the page you’re going to. 

Any tool can open hyperlinks, even your finger. It’s very convenient because you don’t have one specific tool that works on your hyperlinks. 

Update: your finger and text tool can no longer activate your hyperlinks.

Notability does not recognise contents pages in PDFs, which most PDF annotating apps can. 

Annotating and reading books is very simple. It is the closest experience to that you would get when reading a physical textbook. Everything you do on PDFs in Notability is manual. That is not necessarily a good thing.

There are no cool shortcuts for reading digital textbooks in Notability. Previously, the app even had a loading problem with big PDF files. They have since fixed that though. We are grateful.

You can view your page thumbnails on your reading window. Tap the page icon on the top right corner of your toolbar. You can then get access to all the pages in the PDF, annotated pages, bookmarks and the search tool

Bookmarking pages for later reference is more comfortable and convenient in Notability than it is in most PDF readers. You can easily bookmark pages in your reading window.  Go to the page icon (top right corner) > all pages icon > tap ribbon on the page (right top corner of the thumbnail).

You can search through your PDFs in Notability, even scanned copies. You can also search through your handwritten notes.

Notability is a basic PDF reader. If you are using iBooks but want an app with a realistic highlighter, then Notability is the app for you.


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  1. I have not found a better solution for my needs. I want to scan through all pages, bookmark and annotate quickly on them. Is there a better option, which has this ability?

    Thanks (love your YT)

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