iPadOS 13 Mouse Support

In my iPadOS 13 review, I had no intention of getting a mouse for my iPad. However, something clicked a few days ago—a light bulb moment! I could use a mouse as a pointer for the videos I create on my YouTube Channel.

Unboxing the Bluetooth mouse

I went and bought this Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 by Microsoft. Of course, it had to be this colour to match everything else in my life. I am not even putting any effort into this. It just happens. This mouse costs $9.99 on Amazon. I was happy it came with a battery because I forgot to buy some when I bought it. Out of the box, I love the matte finish on the mouse. It gives it a classy look. Making it look expensive. I love the illusion.

First impressions

The mouse itself is very basic. Nothing fancy; nothing pops out. It turned on immediately when I put in the battery. The back has a small, blue, blinking light indicating it’s in pairing mode. It also has an on-and-off button, which is also the Bluetooth button. Press it for one second to turn on the mouse and for three seconds to turn on the Bluetooth. Very minimalistic design.

Pairing the mouse to my iPad Pro

To pair the mouse to my iPad Pro 2015 (running iPadOS 13), I opened Settings, then went to Bluetooth. My iPad Pro immediately registered the Bluetooth mouse. Tapping on it, it asks me if I want to pair the two. As soon as I tap Pair, a mouse cursor appears on my iPad screen.

I can click on tabs and icons! That is exciting!

The mouse works better in some apps than it does in others. That’s obviously because most developers are still optimising their apps for iPadOS 13. The mouse allows me to click on stuff and scroll pages with the wheel.


I can also customise what I want the different buttons on my mouse to do. Under Settings > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Pointer Devices > Devices. The default settings work for me.


The mouse is handy for app tutorials and reviews. Do I think this is useful for daily use? Of course not. My finger on the screen is much faster and my Apple Pencil tip is much more accurate.

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