Adonit Pro 3: What You Need To Know

The Build

A lot of thought went into making this stylus; built with the user in mind. It has an aluminium body which feels well built. For its size, it is quite heavy though. Adonit Pro 3 comes in four colours; silver, black, blue and rose (or pink). The front of the stylus has a grid pattern improving the grip on the stylus. I love the shape; it looks like a fancy pen. 

At the back, it comes with a clip that helps you carry it around. If you’ve ever struggled with trying to find a place to keep your Apple Pencil for a few seconds, you’ll appreciate this clip. You can easily clip it to your clothes.

The stylus has a lid to protect the tip. It is magnetic, fits perfectly well and requires a bit of effort actually to open. It, therefore, won’t accidentally fall off. While you’re using the stylus, you can put the lid at the end of the stylus, just like you would with traditional pens. Only this time, the cap doesn’t cover the whole back of the stylus, but merely attaches to the magnets. 

The tip of the stylus looks very fragile and weird. It has a fine tip that has a small ball attached to it and has a disk covering that little ball. It gives me the impression it strictly only works when perpendicular to the screen. 

How Does It Work?

Adonit Pro 3 is a passive stylus. It doesn’t charge, or pair to your iPad, or any device for that matter. Essentially, it is a fancy finger. It works exactly how your finger works.

Not all note-taking apps will recognise it. Those that do are those that let you draw with your finger. When using it, you need to make sure your palm doesn’t rest on the screen. It is not comfortable taking notes that way. 

I tried it on my iPhone and laptop (since it works on any touch screen device). It takes time to get used to it. Once I figured out how to use it, I was able to doodle a little, just fooling around really.

Why Would You Want To Get This Stylus? 

If you hate fingerprints on your screen, this stylus might be a good idea. It doesn’t run out of battery and you can practically carry it anywhere and everywhere. It won’t leave marks and prints on your screen.

With a little bit of concentration and patience, you can write decent letters with Adonit Pro 3. If you want an affordable stylus and don’t mind taking five mins to write one word, this might be the stylus for you. It costs $29.99 on Amazon. 


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