What’s coming in Nebo 2.7?

There’s a simple logical reason why we don’t beta testing of apps: the temptation to talk about upcoming updates is too much. Nebo 2.7 is coming in September (early to mid-September). Let’s see what’s going to change in that update. 

Nebo is currently on sale for 30% off until they release this upcoming update. Of course for all those that already have the app, the update to 2.7 will be free. 

Nebo is adding a feature they are calling the freeform page. It is an infinite writing canvas for brainstorming ideas. They have enlarged the drafts feature to make it an independent page. Nebo has always emphasised on superb handwriting recognition and responsive content. With the introduction of freeform pages, it is pushing towards becoming a broader handwriting note-taking app. One that will potentially compete with Notability and GoodNotes

Nebo’s freeform page is infinite in any direction you write. If you are crazy about writing on infinite pages, you will love this. The writing canvas is a grid with extremely narrow line spacing at the 100% zoom percentage. You can zoom in up to 200%, at which point, the grids start becoming usable. We definitely need more zooming options. We must commend the developers for displaying the zoom percentage on the screen when we zoom. For consistency in handwriting, it is necessary we know how zoomed in we are as we write our notes.

 The developers created this freeform page to help us brainstorm ideas before writing our final notes in the app. Brainstorming is a crucial part of writing. You get similar writing tools like those for normal Nebo pages, except for the keyboard. In the freeform, you can’t type your notes. You can add photos to your freeform page. You can resize and move them around. You can also search your notes

Once you’re done brainstorming, you can copy your notes as text, sketch, math or diagram to paste them to other apps or the normal Nebo page. Nebo doesn’t support multiple instances yet so this process is tedious. You have to copy your section, exit the freeform page to look for the normal Nebo page, open it and then paste your notes.

To make this efficient, Nebo needs to start supporting multiple instances and drag & drop – two things we know are on their development radar. In the future, we should be able to open two documents side-by-side so we can drag & drop sections of our notes between freeform and normal Nebo pages. Without drag & drop and multiple instances, the drafts feature (which they will now be calling freeform section) is more useful within the normal Nebo pages.

You can export your notes as PNG, SVG or PDF.

 While the most obvious use for the freeform page is brainstorming, we have other ideas in mind. You can now handwrite notes in Nebo and export without converting them to text. On an infinite canvas! Nebo now offers two distinct but connected note-taking experiences. If you want excellent handwriting recognition and conversion with all kinds of cool gestures, but also like to handwrite and sketch freely on an infinite canvas, Nebo 2.7 is promising. 

We’d love to see Nebo add features to the freeform page to make it more versatile. A part of the app where users handwrite final notes for exporting. We would love the developers to bring in features from different note-taking apps to this freeform page. What feature would you like to see added first?

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