What is the BEST note-taking app for the iPad pro?

Man using an iPad pro and Apple pencil to take notes

All iPad pro users will agree with me on this one: we can’t decide on one BEST note-taking application. We argue between two apps: Notability vs GoodNotes.
The Notability vs GoodNotes battle reminds me of the Apple vs Samsung one. I am sure it will remain unresolved for decades.

Most people expect me to tell them what application to buy. Truth is; I DON’T KNOW. Here’s why: –

It depends on your preferences

What features are important to you? Do you care more about how you scroll through your pages? Or about how you add custom template paper to an app?

Our experiences are different

Depending on your handwriting or how you hold your apple pencil, different note-taking apps will offer different experiences for each of us. GoodNotes is superior to Notability for many reasons. Most of us love how easy it is to add custom paper in GoodNotes. Notability makes page customisation a massive pain.

However, with all its customisation, GoodNotes doesn’t work for me. My handwriting experience in GoodNotes is unpleasant. Therefore, for my daily use, Notability “gets me”. I might not be able to customise everything I want in the app. But I like how my handwriting looks and feels so much that I prefer it to GoodNotes. That’s more important to me than page customisation.

Sure there are things I don’t like about Notability. But when it comes to replicating my paper study on the iPad pro; Notability does a perfect job.

So each time someone asks me, what’s the best note-taking app; I can’t answer that. It’s like asking what’s the best pen for taking notes. The only way to find out is trying out a few of them, I guess.

Of course, for note-taking apps, it might not be that feasible. You can’t buy all the apps on Appstore just to try them out, which is why I have a playlist comparing different apps on YouTube to help you make the best decision.

What’s your favourite note-taking app?

Any thoughts? Do tell, do tell!