What’s new for Apple Reminders in iPadOS 14?

Organise your smart lists In Apple Reminders, you can now customise your smart lists ...

What’s exciting about iPadOS 14?

The public beta for iPadOS 14 is out. Proceed to install it at your own risk. Remember ...

Beginner’s guide: Which iPad should you buy in 2020

With so many iPads to choose from, it's really important to know which iPad will best ...

Notability iPadOS Support

In all the technical ways in existence at the moment, Notability has always had dark mode ...

GoodNotes 5 iPadOS support

This split view mode allows you to open the same document twice in GoodNotes 5! In split ...

I hate browsing in the Public Beta iPadOS 13

For the first couple of weeks/months I am totally cool. I know it’s a beta and it has ...

iPadOS 13 Mouse Support

Mouse support on the iPad: is this feature overrated? Here’s my objective take on the ...

Public beta iPadOS 13: everything else besides dark mode

I have had an unhealthy relationship with Apple for a while now. The iPad pro 2018 is a ...

Dark mode in the public beta iPadOS

Naturally, after I got over my confusion on what iOS I was running on my iPad the first ...

iPadOS 13: installation & first impressions

The installation We don't recommend downloading this beta, unless you don't mind your ...

iPadOS: About time!

I have felt (since the first generation iPad pro) that IOS was limiting the pro series' ...
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