Scrolling in ZoomNotes

Scrolling in ZoomNotes

Yes, scrolling in ZoomNotes requires a dedicated post. Typically, when no scrolling tools are selected, the pages in ZoomNotes are superimposed onto a grey (default colour) canvas. You can move the pages around the screen without scrolling.

The easiest way to scroll through your pages in ZoomNotes is by using the arrows on the Page bar. You, of course, have to turn on the Page bar in your settings first. Learn more about Workspaces in ZoomNotes.

Pan and Zoom tool

To scroll your pages, with your fingers, go to the Pan and Zoom tool and turn on Restrict zoom-out to page. ZoomNotes supports horizontal and vertical scrolling. Paged scrolling snaps pages to the centre of the screen to view one page at a time. The app can also Maintain zoom between pages. You don’t have to keep zooming in and out of the pages.

We’ve not been able to understand one feature: Start scroll with gesture. No matter what we tried, we couldn’t understand its purpose.

Continuous scrolling

For continuous scrolling, turn off Page scrolling and select the Scroll icon. This offers the best scrolling experience in ZoomNotes. It works both for horizontal and vertical scrolling. ZoomNotes is the only app we’ve seen to support horizontal continuous scrolling.

Your pages have a gap between them, so your handwriting can’t overlap between pages. You can move items across them, though. A lasso tool must be able to move items across pages.

3d page turning

ZoomNotes recently added 3d page turn animation. You have to turn it on in your Settings > Interface > Animated 3d page turning. Who likes the new toggling feature in ZoomNotes? We’ve been very critical of the ZoomNotes user interface and we appreciate the developer’s efforts towards improvement. 

With your 3d page animation turned on, you can then decide your Page Turn. You can remove it (None), make it Side or Centre. From our experience, this feature is still buggy. You can decide how slow or fast your page animation should be. But no matter what settings you choose, ZoomNotes will use whatever 3d animation it likes. Most of the page turn settings are not sticking since they introduced this feature.

The animation itself looks best when the page flips on the side, that is, from the edge of the page. The centre animation looks weird at first but you get used to it after some time. The vertical one seems to be the most buggy of the three. 

In ZoomNotes, that page scrolling and turning are different and independent. However, page turn overrides page scrolling.

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