Who are we?

By working together with developers, our team evaluates and critiques software to help close the gap between the developers community and the people who actually use their apps.


Most frequent questions and answers

Noteful is our go-to note-taking app for internal and personal notes. 

We recommend getting at least 256GB. Note-taking apps create big files that will quickly use up your iPad storage (which you can’t expand). That said, if you can, it’s better to get 512GB.

Our Mission

Our goal is to find digital alternatives for everyone (including students, professionals, businesses, and organisations) who have ever relied on paper. Our mission is to guide our end users in their search for the best apps for their digital transformation.

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Get your app the attention it deserves.


Know what your users need and get ahead of the competition


Focus on developing and let us handle your user manuals

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Connecting developers to the end-users who need their apps