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Dark mode in the public beta iPadOS

Naturally, after I got over my confusion on what iOS I was running on my iPad the first ...

iPadOS 13: installation & first impressions

The installation We don't recommend downloading this beta, unless you don't mind your ...
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How to recover deleted pages in OneNote

You will need to access the desktop version of OneNote to do this, login.Go to the ...
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7 productivity hacks for Paperless Students

Most people find technology distracting. So much, that some professors don’t even allow ...

Notability 9.0

Keeping up with the updates in Notability.

iPadOS: About time!

I have felt (since the first generation iPad pro) that IOS was limiting the pro series' ...
Being Paperless

Just how paperless am I?

My folder mostly contains my official documents: passports, certificates and transcripts. ...
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4 tips to stay organised on your iPad

Most apps can multitask. Simply because they can, doesn't mean you should. GoodNotes 5 is ...
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5 Reasons I left LiquidText for MarginNote

LiquidText and MarginNote are both powerful PDF readers for your iPad. Here are five ...

Apple Pencil 2: what you need to know

Apple is very cunning. Some could argue it’s just good business. Most of us (die hard ...

iPad Pro 2018: Brutally honest review

Apple released a tablet powerful enough to run Mac programs but didn't bother to release ...
Being Paperless

How I take digital lecture notes on my iPad

I usually use blue for my personal study modifications and red for useful explanations ...

Adonit Pro 3: What you need to know

Adonit Pro 3 is a passive stylus that works more or less like a finger. Is it the right ...
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7 things to consider when deciding to purchase Notability or GoodNotes

The battle between Notability and GoodNotes 5 is never ending. Which app is best for your ...
PDF readers

Notability as a PDF reader

Notability doesn’t help you identify hyperlinks in your PDFs. You just have to know ...

Another great update from Notability

What's new from this update? Catching up with Notability.

iPad 2018: Practical Review

Why is the iPad 2018 is worth buying for note-taking? The size The 9.7-inch iPad ...

Notablity 8.0

Another update from Ginger Labs; OCR and multi-tasking additions.
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Top 10 note-taking apps for your iPad in 2018

Note-taking on the iPad has evolved dramatically since the invention of the Apple Pencil. ...

3 things to consider when choosing the size for your iPad pro

The size of your iPad pro really doesn't change the capabilities of your device. Both ...

What is the BEST note-taking app for the iPad pro?

Most people expect me to tell them what application to buy. Truth is; I DON'T KNOW. ...
Being Paperless

Why I chose my iPad pro version

I use the first generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 128GB, wifi model. I've always preferred ...

The iPad pro: a great investment for any student

All my notes (for all my subjects) are stored on one device. All my textbooks too. I ...
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How To Add Custom Paper Templates In Notability

Notability is a great note taking app for IOS and MacOS users. Very few apps can compare. ...

OCR on the ipad pro

OCR (Optical character Recognition) is a technology that allows computers to recognise ...
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